NIKON D800 Raw & jpeg fine..will I see a difference in quality .

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Re: all of which assumes you do that kind of adjustment

Ednaz wrote:

I understand what you're saying completely about jpg. I shoot raw myself, but I don't do all that micro-adjusting of WB. Might be because my own visual system doesn't WB (for whatever reason, I see in pretty accurate light temperatures, my brain doesn't adjust like I suppose a normal one would). I process almost all the time in daylight balance because it carries the mood of a setting much better than if I white balance. Of course, since I don't shoot weddings I don't have to worry about green bride dresses, but the urge to constantly make everything look like it was shot in daylight makes for the "digital dull" pictures that are everywhere.

However - for almost any kind of adjustment, a raw file that requires no movement of the exposure slider in LR, and no movement of any of the tone sliders towards brighter, to get the intended feeling, will way outperform an image that misses the exposure by a fraction and requires any sort of brightening. That's my real point - if people were forced to LEARN to shoot and nail the exposure in jpg, because the alternative was hideous, they'd be so much better in

To be honest I don't do micro-adjusting of white balance either but occasionally it's nice to be able to have the ability to process the nef once for the incandescent and and then separately for the daylight and combine them into one image. No question it's ideal to nail your overall exposure.

Bottom line, if you are shooting professionally, raw gives you more options for polishing your image to perfection. If you are less skilled, it gives you a safety net to recover from mistakes.

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