Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

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Re: Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

You've listed 5 important criteria for you. Three of these (non-DSLR, articulating screen, price) have nothing to do with image quality, and the XA1 fits those three fine. The other two (shallow dof, clean indoor shots without flash) do concretely concern image quality. The kit lens that is packaged with the XA1 doesn't do these two image-related items very well. It is not the lens any experienced photographer would recommend for someone whose only stated concerns about image quality were shallow dof and great indoor shots in lower light w/o flash.

This is a common problem with every mfrs' kit zoom lens, and it's why people are suggesting faster lenses. Not because they want you to overspend your budget, because that's the better tool for the job you say you want to do.

But we don't really know what you would consider shallow dof, and we don't know how bright/dim your interiors are. You're saying you're coming from a small p&s and you won't be making big prints. So maybe the kit lens will fit your needs. You won't know for sure unless you try the camera/lens yourself. Maybe the dof will be shallow enough for you, maybe the aperture will be fast enough for your indoor lighting.

If not, and you're not willing to make any compromises on your listed needs, buying nothing at all might be your only option. Getting a fast lens with a mirrorless camera with an articulated screen and great high ISO performance at $500-$600 is a tall order.

bimbert84 wrote:’s doubtful any of these pictures would ever be printed above 8x10, and even that would be extremely rare. 4x6 or 5x7 or computer viewing would be the norm.

For those who have suggested additional lenses, I guess I should've been more clear: I just don't have the funds to spend $1000 or more on camera equipment. If the kit lens won't do what I want, I'll have to go another route entirely (and if it turns out I'm asking too much of my budget, that may mean buying nothing at all).

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Hi pcb_dcr,

Thanks for the response. Yes, the dilemma lies in the subjectivity, which is why I'm deferring to the experience of those of you who know better.

I want to avoid getting myself strapped into a large cash outlay. At this point I'm leaning toward backing down to a compact with a fast lens, and if my low-light is too low for that, I'll use a flash or turn up the lights. I don't consider that ideal, but it may be something I have to live with.

Thanks for the advice.

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