Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

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Re: Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

bimbert84 wrote:

Hi cheddargav,

I'm definitely not disputing the advice -- quite the opposite actually. I'm trying to figure out if I'm about to make a mistake I can't really afford to make. If the larger sensor won't really help without a faster lens, I'd rather know that now.

If I understand what I've read, a f/1.8 at ISO 1600 should give me about the same amount of light as the X-A1's f/3.5 kit lens at ISO 6400. If that's true, I'll probably be better off buying a less-expensive compact with a smaller sensor and fast lens.

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Remember the larger sensor does better at higher ISO.

As a rough estimate if you multiply the aperture by the crop factor you will get the equivalent aperture you would have to shoot at to get the same amount of image noise (adjusting the ISO to compensate for less light).

For example, if we have an 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 on APS-C, that is like a 27-83mm f/5.6-9 on full frame.

A 1/1.7 sensor with a 1.4 to 2.7, that is like 24-80mm f/6.3-12, the APS-C camera has a slight advantage still, but the EX2f in this case is usually available for around $250-350.  Also LX7, Olympus XZ1, etc are the same.

It isn't that simple of a comparison though because the larger sensor needs less enlargement to reach print/view size so it will tend to be sharper looking at larger sizes, and the smaller sensor with the larger aperture lens should be able to focus better since it is lighting in higher intensity light than the small aperture APS-C lens.

So generally a large sensor with a mediocre lens will be better than a compact, but a good compact can probably come close and be better in some regards like for macro.


That makes sense. But how do you determine the crop factor? (I think) I know APS-C is 1.5 and MFT is 2, but what is it for 1/1.7? Given your example, I could discern it's 6.3 / 1.4 = 4.5, but how did your arrive at that?

My primary compact consideration is the Olympus XZ-2, which is f/1.8 - f/2.5, almost exactly in line with your example.

And the obvious advantage of the compact is the size. I consider the tiny ones to be disadvantageous, but one that fits in my hands and can easily be carried in a belt pouch is pretty much ideal.

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