So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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I thought Olympus hit the bullseye with the E-1...

The trouble was they were shooting at a moving target and they did not use enough lead.

I went shopping for my first DSLR a few months after the E-1 came out. I was moving up from a 2MP Kodak digicam and, having nothing invested in a system, was free to choose. People look back on the E-1 as a bit of a dinosaur, but you have to keep in mind what the competition for 4/3 was like at the time. The most popular top level APS-c DSLRs were the 6MP Canon 10D and Nikon D100. Full frame 35mm still pretty much meant film. I think there were only a couple very expensive offerings in DSLRs from Canon and Kodak. Nikon's top DSLR was still the 5MP D1x. The camera shop manager I talked to at the time was ditching his Canon system, a 4MP 1D, for an E-1.

I liked the unique features of the E-1, the dust elimination system and the weather sealing and thought that the image quality was quite competitive with the cameras mentioned above. As I newb I really appreciated that all the 4/3 lenses were top quality - it made it so much easier to choose!

As I mentioned, the trouble was that the competition moved on quickly. While the E-1 was still current as Oly's top pro camera Canikon moved on to cameras like the 30D and D200 in the same price range and pro models like the 1DmkII and D2x, not to mention the 5D that got FF really rolling.

I still like my E-5 very much. Too bad it was not available back ~2008 - with a E-7 equipped with better AF and the 16MP Sony sensor being offered at the same time as the EM-5. I think that might have kept 4/3 going. It sure would have made me a happy camper!

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