Sony G 18-105 as a all around lens for Nex 6!

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To me it looks as if this could be a great do everything lens for travel and perhaps events. To me the big questions are 1 - will it live up to the "G" quality level and 2 - will Sony be able to manufacture these without the de-centering issues that seem to come with all of their E-mount zooms.

of course we won't know the answers to these questions until the lens is actually in the hands of users

So, before the lens is even released or reviewed, you already start off with two negatives?

name one e-mount zoom released that has actually performed up to expectations? even the new Zeiss 16-70 f/4 seems to fall short of what most would expect from a lens with the zeiss name attached.

16-70 review

"The only weaknesses I see are a really steep price, somewhat soft corners at 16mm and a certain softness at the long end. And they sold me a copy which certainly shouldn’t have passed their QC"

"What I hadn’t noticed back the was that my lens was decentered so the performance of a perfects lens in the corners would be better, especially when zoomed in."

also go to and read their reviews of the e-mount zoom lenses on the NEX-7 - - in every single review that talk about de-centered elements

this is a quote from their review of the e-mount 10-18 f/4

"Unfortunately, and that's a bit of a tradition in the local Sony test history, we experienced significant centering defects in the two samples that we tested. The first sample delivered miserable results throughout the range whereas and the 2nd sample showed a very soft output on the left image side. "

Did you mean that in all Sony E-mount zoom lenses de-centered copies were found, or did you mean that all Sony E-mount zooms are decentered????

read above - I clearly stated ALL e-mount zooms - - now to be clear I by ALL I mean each model, not every lens

I am sure that given enough trial and error one could find a great copy of any of the E-mount lenses, but unfortunately their QC seems to be very lacking

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That explains your position well.

In science we learned to not base theories on anecdotes. "If my neighbor has cancer, the entire street will have cancer..."

QC is a problem in any technical product area, and I, to this date, do not know whether Sony has above or below average QC control. But the internet lore is that it is waaayyy worse than others. I do not subscribe to such hypes - I would rather see some real evidence.

Your statement, by itself, also adds to the fodder that there 'clearly' must be something wrong with the design itself, since it affects ALL (zooms). That sounds very ominous to me, yet may hold merit.

What I do believe, and this is now evidenced by early pictures of RF lenses on the A7/r, is that mirror-less camera are far more sensitive than mirror-box cameras, in terms of lens design and exit pupil. It is amusing to read about RF adapters that are 'de-centered' in a similar fashion as some of the zoom lenses (one-side smears, the other does not).

Whether or not this is an understood problem is unclear to me. But I would fault Sony if it were not to back up its products - if you have such a faulty unit, they should replace it at no cost, at least under the warranty period, but even well after in some cases.

The test for a de-centered lens is simple - everyone should do this upon receipt.

However, should a lens go bad during shipment, or during later handling/usage, this would be very bad news in my book. In that case I full support your 'faulty design principles' comment.

As to reviewers, I do not subscribe to so called 'conspiracy theories', but I do believe that reviewers are a) negative, b) have a product bias, and c) have to overcome unfamiliarity. You could in a fourth component - cater to a preferred audience - but I find that to be a stretch sometimes.

The ".... if you can find a good copy" credo is damaging enough, imho, and should really be "... you can easily replace your bad copy". But that is up to Sony marketing.

Personally, I have not received a bad lens yet, so I knock on wood...

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Well, what do you see then in these 2 photos taken with the A7 and the new 'kit' zoom FE 28-70mm? Both at 28 mm, f3.5, ISO 100.

Do you see what I see? Smearing on the left hand side just like from the old "cheap" E18-55? Or the not so cheap new E16-70 of which there is plenty of evidence on this forum alone?

These 2 photos are from yet another zoom provided by Sony for testing with the newly released A7, so you would assume they would supply a decent copy but no, yet again we have a heavily decentered copy. This to be used on a $1700 camera?

I do not understand why you always dispute people's findings about the decentering issues with the Sony lenses - you may be the lucky one who has never had any problems but there are plenty of other who have.

Frankly, nothing surprising. Decentered lenses with soft corners seems to be Sony's trademark. Even the review sites all got decenetered lenses. Are good Sony lenses even exist? I haven't seen any so far. And the corner softness? -- Is there a Sony lens which wouldn't show it? So far the best tested Sony's e-mount lens has been SEL 50/1.8. When I put SEL 5018 side by side against Fuji 18-55/2.8-4 zoom, the latter showed the same center and much better corners already at f/4! I mean Fuji zooms are better than Sony primes!!! I don't know how to explain that, but Sony seems to be dead last when it comes to lenses, behind Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung. Even more perplexing that Sony would stamp G or Zeiss and charge an arm and a leg for those subpar products.

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