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Re: LF1 owners, your comments, please

GeraldW wrote:

I am quite interested in adding an LF1 to my collection, as I think it would be an ideal companion to my FZ200 for travel. However, neither DPReview, or Imaging Resource have done an in depth review. CameraLabs has reviewed it; but limited test shots that I can't compare to other cameras, like my S90 or G15. The LF1 would likely replace the S90.

So, lacking these major reviews, I'd like to get input from current owners. Here's what I know, or think I know about it so far.

1) CameraLab's comparisons to the LX7 show it to be not as sharp; but definitely better than the ZS30.

2) CameraLab showed it with and without iResolution, and adding iRes. seems to have sharpening things up nicely. Unfortunately, no ability to compare the iRes. sharpened LF1 shot to anything else. Anybody using that? I have no interest in iZoom; but may use the EZ settings.

3) Some early samples on this forum showed a lot of softness at the sides; but others do not and they appeared to be uniform across the frame. I'd suspect misaligned lens elements rather than a basic design defect. Particularly if one edge is better than the opposite. What have you seen?

4) The EVF is a nice addition. I know it's smallish and low resolution; but so was the EVF on my FZ150, and that was useful to me. What is your opinion?

5) How is the color? What I have seen looks good; but I was not happy with the almost fluorescent greens and yellow-greens and weak reds on my ZS15. So that's two areas of color rendition I am interested in. FZ200 doesn't do that thing with the greens and reds are pretty good. I did add +2 amber to the WB on my FZ200.

6) Small and light is good. I use the S90 on a lanyard (neck cord) and slip it into a front shirt pocket when not in use. If I bend over to tie a shoe lace, and the camera slips out, the lanyard catches it. I also carry the S90 and even the G15 in a side pocket in looser fitting trousers or walking shorts. Both those camera are quite flat on the back; but the LF1 has a protruding eyepiece - is that a problem for pocketability/comfort? I know most reviews (and manufacturers) don't take account of smaller protrusions when giving thickness specs.

7) I have a Franiec front grip on my S90. I'll certainly add something similar to the front of the LF1. Has anybody our there added anything?

I'm hoping that with enough responses from this forum I can make an informed decision. Sample shots would be helpful. So, thanks in advance.

Hi Jerry
I've a LF1 for a number of weeks and for me it is the ideal companion for my needs.

I do not love the EVF but I like it. Of course it could be better, but it is absolutely usable.

I had a grip on my LF1 but I removed it and instead of a grip I bought a leather half case on eBay

which improved greatly he handling of the cam.

Enjoy your cam!


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