Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

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Re: Is the X-A1 the right camera for me?

Daniel Lauring wrote:

viking79 wrote:

I would say the two best cameras in that price range that meet your specs are the Fuji X-A1 or Samsung NX300.

Samsung is behind the curve in image quality...especially high iso capability. To compare, look at the pics here and at Imaging Resource.

No it is not at all, here is my side by side in RAW with NX300 and X-A1.  I stopped at ISO 3200 for RAW as I think Samsung does NR in RAW at 6400+.

The problem is Fuji exaggerates their ISO slightly so the camera often picks a longer shutter speed which if a test is not done properly can make the Samsung look worse. Plus, the Samsung goes to ISO 100 and has a full stop better performance at base ISO. For whatever reason Fuji doesn't implement ISO 100 in the Sony sensors.

And here is JPEG at 6400 (not quite as nice at JPEG as Fuji if Fuji is set to -2 NR), this is all JPEG processing though.

If you don't believe my testing you can go check DXO Mark and see that the Samsung NX300 or later cameras are right up there with the Sony 16 MP at high ISO.


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