So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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Re: telecentricty and sensor format...

agogo wrote:

I get the feeling that Oly took a calculated gamble with sensor technology advancement - thinking that maybe the technology would move along quicker than it did. They probably thought that within a few years they'd get 12mp, better dynamic range, high ISO, etc, etc, on the tiny sensor, but the technology didn't move as quickly as intended (or maybe not enough resources/budget for R&D, and relying on 3rd party manufacturers). Even though the pro cams and lenses are still big, if the sensors were up to scratch, I think Oly would have done better long term.

Also the sensor size was a choice based on them not being able to compete directly with Canikons FF and APS.

The squarer aspect ratio has its benefits and the whole system was designed purely for digital from scratch - this would benefit too from the telecentric lens designs; sharper across the frame, great zooms, etc. Probably all factors that they considered for the pro market.

I personally think the E3/5 should have stayed with the E1 form - that cam is a joy to hold. I don't know why - or have read anything that suggests the reason why - they abandoned the E1 form factor. I never read one negative review of how good that cam was in the hand.

Well for one thing they had to add a built in flash to keep up with Nikon & Canon.  That made the top bigger.

They had to make the LCD larger than the E1 so it would could show histograms and live view ect.

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