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all trophy hunting should be banned. I have no problem with hunting for food, I have no problem with hunting as a means of animal population control, but hunting just so you can brag or hang a head on your wall is just wrong - if you want to test your skill with a firearm - set up some targets and shoot, but don't just kill for fun


Completely agree. Hunting for trophy sport is obscene. Hunting for food is not the same.

Unless you live in a rural remote area, otherwise it's not a valid justification.
Can someone like me who lives in the city with restaurants, supermarkets and food stores everywhere use that as an excuse?

how does where one live play into this? Deer here in Michigan need to be harvested each year. We are talking about 400,000 plus each year. This means over 1 million hunters. I don't think you are going to find that many in rural America. Oh and that doesn't include the 70,000 deer killed each year by vehicles.

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I don't know about America, but if I tell my friends that I am hunting for food, it would be weird.
We also have many Roos here. If I want a taste of kangaroo meat, I can get it from Woolworths or Coles.

In the U.S. you don't find Venison in most supermarkets. They don't like to commercialize hunting here in the U.S.. If you like the taste of venison, you have to go get it yourself.

For many there is something satisfying killing something and then eating it.

Hope one day, one of the animals return the compliment and the satisfaction.

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