Demosaicing and bit dimensions

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Re: Demosaicing and bit dimensions

Roland Karlsson wrote:

I do believe the best you can do with a Bayer grid is to rotate it 45 degrees, and then use the green detectors as basis for the output. Then a 10 MP sensor becomes a 5 MP sensor, but a superior one.

It's going to be more aliased, of course, without the witness of the mixing sensels.

If you want to get as much as possible out of that rotated sensor, you might also make a 20 MP image.

Oops, Fuji already has done this! And they got heavily attacked when they tried the 20 MP trick. So, they were forced to output 10 MP from the 10 MP sensor, which, of course, is a very bad idea. So - they stopped making those sensors, as they were market wise impossible to sell.

Well, doubling the pixel count in the output is absolutely necessary if you don't want a lot of artifacts, with a diagonal-grid sensor.  The idea behind it, IIRC, was that it resolved horizontal and vertical lines better than the traditional orientation, and these edges are more prevalent in most photos.

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