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Re: LX7 or XQ1


Arc82 wrote:

This is of course all rampant speculation since one of these cameras isn't widely available nor thoroughly reviewed anywhere. Although some conclusions can be drawn from the X20 since they should share the same sensor.

One question that might dictate this is what do you shoot most often? Best as I can tell, here are the (presumable) photographic benefits of the XQ1

  • No AA + bigger sensor should mean more resolution
  • Faster auto-focus.
  • Bigger sensor gives closer hyperfocal distances
  • Slightly longer telephoto reach.

LX7 pros:

  • Much faster lens means you can use shorter shutter speeds and keep the ISO low. Note: this does mean you trade some DOF off.
  • RAW file processing is good in mainstream programs. X-trans sensors not handled that well in LR.
  • Faster lens means better blurred portrait backgrounds

It may be that the XQ1 is a better tool for action action shots and landscape/travel photography. The much brighter LX7 lens makes it a better candidate for low-light work indoors and out. To the extant you want to take pictures of non-moving subjects the LX7 is also better at isolating them from the background.

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