What's so special about the rangefinder shape?

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Re: What's so special about the rangefinder shape?

shigzeo ? wrote:

Remember: your lenses are SLR lenses.

The X-mount lenses are not "SLR" lenses, just like m43 lenses are not "SLR" lenses.  The focal plane distance is different, allowing a shorter distance from lens face to the back of the camera.

There in lies the difference between these mirrorless rangefinder looking bodies which aren't really rangefinders.  First there is no reason to put the eyepiece inconveniently in the middle of the screen so your nose smudges the screen and you have to smush it up against the camera to see, so they moved it to the side like a rangefinder.  Second, since you don't need a prism box you can make the top of the camera flat, like a rangefinder.  It leaves you a body that, coupled with a pancake lens, is much more compact and pocketable...like a rangefinder.  One thing I miss, in all these rangefinderish cameras is the hand grip of an SLR.  I wish they had just a bit more grip since even the flattest pancake lens sticks out a little bit so the grip wouldn't really make it wider.

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