The Fuji X-factor

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Re: The Fuji X-factor

57LowRider wrote:

Being of philosophical inclination, I was thinking about the new offerings from Sony (A7) and Nikon (Df) and wondered if they would have the X-factor?

Some of the most common blog quotes about the Fujis have been:

1/ "It's made photography fun again"

2/ "It makes me want to go out and use it"

I'll heartily agree with those sentiments. But here we have desirable competitors, say the A7r for FF 38MP mirrorless, or the Df for FF D4 sensor dSLR with analogue controls. I am minded by TTorne's comment about the Sony pulling him in with FF but repulsing him with PSAM and menus. So what's Fuji's X-factor? And will people be making the same blog quotes about being "refreshed" by the Sony and the Nikon?

Photography has always been fun for me. I did go through a period a few years ago though where I barely used my DSLR, particularly because it commanded so much attention. At one point I actually considered selling it off because I felt like a tosser trying to use it in a space like a restaurant or a bar, and I did want to take photos in these environments.

By being so much slimmer in profile, the X-E1 allows me to carry it around the streets or into a restaurant without being really noticed, and that makes me want to use it again. I never had a problem with the camera being too heavy, but I did want something that was discrete.

Of course, I would have gotten the same experience from one of the m4/3 cameras. What I really liked about Fuji was the layout of the controls. Having marked dials for aperture and shutter speed forces me to think about them all the time, whereas I used to get lazy with the DSLR and leave it in program mode. I also became a lot faster with the camera - with the DSLR, I used to fumble around putting it in the right mode, taking it away from my eye to change settings etc. With the X-E1 I can do all that with the camera to my eye, and it means you don't exasperate people by keeping them waiting. It's really helpful when there are kids involved. Twin dials would have a similar effect, but I really like being able to use my left for aperture and my right for shutter and ISO. It has become second nature now.

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