Demosaicing and bit dimensions

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Re: Demosaicing and bit dimensions

The_Suede wrote:

Working that 45º example out to a 36x24mm FF area, that's 96MP, to get a non-aliased 48MP image.


Comparing that to say a 48MP normal 0/90º Bayer image, I doubt you get ANY improvements at all

Hmmmmmm ----

- and I can bet quite a lot that the process to make the pixel structure sqrt(2) smaller involves quite a bit of losses in both angle sensitivity and overall sensitivity.

You shall NOT do that! That was what Fuji was forced to do due to marketing reasons. It is not a good idea.

The image should be stored as 96 MP or 24 MP.

My point is that this 24 MP image might be nearly as good as the 0 degree 48 MP image, saving half the storage.

This will balance out with the Bayer interpolation inaccuracies to get you a net sum of nothing, or 1:1 ratio of improvement if you put it that way. So: Pay more to get nothing.

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