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So I am pretty neutral on this type of killing. The lion isn't about to go extinct any time. I am more concerned about the habitat being reduced. there are plenty of them where the antelope play. Realistically game management is an important part of maintaining balance in that region. Keeping the number of lions in check means that they are less likely to rely on humans for their sustenance.

There are tens of thousands of hunters that go to southern Africa for the hunt. Why is she getting singled out?

Because she made such a sing and dance of this killing - posting these foul photos on blogs and such, hosting her excremental "huntress" TV show, and so on.

If there needs to be a hunt of some sort - let one group of hunters hunt anther group - human against human, to the death, in some disused ruined townscape.

Win-win... they have hunts, We get these scum removed from humanity!

I love how an online petition was started and got 13,000 signatures. I bet that there weren't more than a 100 of those signatures from South Africa.

As long as they aren't going for endangered animals, I figure the animal population specialists in that part of the world know far more about that subject than I.

I'll paraphrase the words from the end of Jurassic Park (1 or 2 ??)

We don't need to "manage" plants and animals - we need to leave them the hell alone.
The only control we need is the removal of something attacking a village or whatever.

Just leave them to roam and hunt antelope or whatever as they wish. Stop poaching them, stop hunting them, just stop "humanising" them!

except that is a complete fallacy. We do need to manage them. Herd animals do not have the ability to regulate their populations. When the natural regulators (lions, wolves, etc) are removed,

That's my point - the herd animals have their numbers controlled by the lions - we just need to stop hunting them for bragging rights!

man then has to take on that responsibility.

When land for herd animals is removed, natural regulators in turn have to be reduced so as to keep them out of the village.

Again - because We have interfered and taken their land away!

We need to control ourselves and stop pretending we have absolute power and right to the whole of this planet.

This is exactly my point.

Maybe you would like wolves and bears reintroduced to the place where you live.

I sure would! (I don't think we had bears in Northumberland) - there is plenty of forested land up here, open moorlands and deep forests.

Apparently you have never lived near bears and wolves. It only takes one or two human deaths of humans that weren't antagonizing the animals to call for their numbers to be reduced. Wolves and bears are not nice animals. They are top predatory killers. I love the wilderness and would love to see more space for this type of animal. Unfortunately easier sad than done.

I am sure they existed there at one time.

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Humans have to stop thinking of ourselves as the paramount creature of this planet and realise we are just another creature.

We are hardly just another creature. We are the only creature on this planet that has a sense of this world being a finite space.

While I agree there, I disagree with your last bit.

We don't have a responsibility to protect it (except from US) - we have a responsibility to NOT exploit it, to treat living things as equal.
Sure, eat a cow, like a lion eats an antelope.
Sure, kill a spider, the way a lion kills a flea biting it.

But all we NEED to do is minimise our own viral expansion, reduce our own affect on other equally important living things.

But humans are world herpes: new oil well found? FK the lemurs! It's oil!!

As such we have a responsibility to protect it.

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The world will look after itself long after we are gone. WE are the vermin who everything else needs protecting from

We aren't custodians of the world, we are just a part of it.

But, in essence, I agree with you somewhat.

Take your bear/wolf thing - we invade their lands then get all piissy when they fight back.

Like sharks (which don't do anywhere near as much damage to man as people are led to think) - some numpty swims near one, gets bitten, suddenly there's a shark hunt going on.

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