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Brian wrote:

Marcamera wrote:

Brian wrote:

So I am pretty neutral on this type of killing. The lion isn't about to go extinct any time. I am more concerned about the habitat being reduced. there are plenty of them where the antelope play. Realistically game management is an important part of maintaining balance in that region. Keeping the number of lions in check means that they are less likely to rely on humans for their sustenance.

There are tens of thousands of hunters that go to southern Africa for the hunt. Why is she getting singled out? I love how an online petition was started and got 13,000 signatures. I bet that there weren't more than a 100 of those signatures from South Africa.

As long as they aren't going for endangered animals, I figure the animal population specialists in that part of the world know far more about that subject than I.

That type of behaviour, trophy hunting is not that much different from a similar scenario:

In states where death penalty is still performed, they could sell "killing rights" to those willing to pay, with rights to post pictures of the executed inmate.

You would pay to push the button, pull the trigger, release the gallows trap, or whatever.

Big deal, they have been sentenced, so whoever executes them does not matter. Right?


Unfortunately with humans taking over the wilderness areas, this is what is happening. The more dangerous animals are being condemned. The Canadians did it to the wolf. africans do it to the lions. When humans move in the lions gotta go. What is your solution?

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" The Canadians did it to the wolf."

Canada had to give some of our wolves to the US since your farmers/ranchers had killed most of yours.

Don't worry, we still have a few to spare.

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