Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

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Re: Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

Chris Dodkin wrote:

It's interesting that you end your post, trying to imply that the 'mirrorless crowd' have some sort of religious dedication to their technology.

People who deny facts get such a label.  Mirrorless advocates have an answer for every poor data point, negative trend, and poor sales.

Just reading your replies, the language, the tone, the denial of facts - would indicate that it is you who are the zealot.

On the contrary.  It is you who have not a single fact to support your position.  Not. One. Single. Fact.

With the two largest manufacturers - Canon and Nikon, producing lack-luster mirror-less models - and continuing to spend 99.99% of their marketing budgets promoting their cash-cow DSLR models and associated lenses - it's going to take time to cross the adoption gap and get to mass uptake.

Yes.  Perhaps infinity given present trends.

If you look at the Japanese market, where early adoption is more of a culture, mirror-less sales are up 16.8% this year - against drastically declining sales in compact and DSLR models.

One sole data point.  It indicates nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

There is no point denying that mirror-less models are less complex mechanically, and are cheaper to produce - that's fact.

Perhaps in your mind it is.

Your attempted point around mechanical items not failing is pure fantasy.

Laughable.  More religion from you.

Your lack of knowledge of R&D costs,

State these costs.  Or do you not know them?

or just plain denial of the facts, sheds a light on your own motivations, and/or lack of understanding of the technology.

You are, as usual, incorrect.

In a declining camera market, where the low end is now satisfied with smartphone cameras, and the pressure is on to produce higher returns from declining sales - the cheaper mirror-less models will provide an answer for manufacturers.

Mirrorless is not cheap.

The issue, for Canon and Nikon, is how to move to that position, without killing-off your cash-cow lens sales.

In the mean-time - the other manufacturers are doing all the heavy lifting, developing the technology and building the market awareness.

If by heaving lifting you mean losing millions upon millions of dollars each quarter, while piling up inventory that simply does not sell, then you and I agree.

It all takes time - banging-on about the financial state of the camera business only adds fuel to the fire as to why you'd want to move to higher margin mirror-less models.

As Canon and Nikon will discover - If you're standing still, you are also going backwards.

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