Sorry to burst bubbles about GX7, but...

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Re: Sorry to burst your bubble sigala1, but.... the GX7 is a great camera!! :)

Dpreview came out quickly and have it 79% which is a nice rating. But competing in a niche market against two really great Olympus bodies, it's hard to know how it will sell.

While I like the physical design of the GX7, it appears they went "cheapo" on the EVF. For the premium priced cameras, that just seems to be a problem. It's the kind of thing that will keeping some people form LOViNG a camera, and in that $1000+ sector, that camera needs to be LOVED and evangelized to compete with the top Oly offerings.

I guess if Panasonic had put an EVF as good as the one the E-M1 in it they'd have charged nearer the £1300 the E-M1 costs and not the £800 the GX7 costs. And you'd have complained it was too expensive

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