"I am selling my Nikon gear"

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Re: "I am selling my Nikon gear"

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I already had a FF Nikon when I bought the X-E1. During the initial excitement and all the hype about xtrans sensor I was thinking of selling my Nikon gear. Fuji has unique and beautiful colors but the more I shot with it the more I started noticing the shortcomings. Long story short I sold my Fuji a few months ago. To my eye it cannot hold a candle next to my D800E. Yes, Nikon is more expensive and a lot heavier but are we talking about pure image quality or the best bang for the buck. I realize that I want to stick to FF at least as my main camera, but I do realize that everybody's needs are different and to some Fuji is good enough. I'd love to comeback to Fuji when they release their version of mirrorless FF (I'm sure that it's inevitable).

I went to a flower show yesterday. I took the Fuji XE-1 and lenses. I don't have the 60 macro.

I came home disappointed with my shots.

I went back today with the D800e and 105 Marco VR and a ring flash.

It was just so much easier.

Could all of these shots been taken with the Fuji and a legacy macro and the ring flash? Sure. But it would have been much harder work. Mostly because the AF-C and VR of the Nikon tracked my small movements (handheld).

(the first 20 or so photos on my Flickr pages)


Yes, one of many reasons I prefer my Nikon. Not trolling, just expressing MY feelings. The lure for a smaller retro (I love the retro look) body is still very much intact with me but unfortunately it still got a long way to go to reach the functionality and quality of a FF DSLR. Another thing...X-E1 feels kind of hollow...or is it just me? Just doesn't have that solid dense feel of the Oly OMD or Sony RX.

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