So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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Re: 4:3 FF sensor

Silverback46 wrote: know what they say about hindsight Bob. Concept technology is always a gamble because the future is dynamic :). Could have,would have and should have! Do you think the errors they made were obvious then and someone forced it through or were they working within specs that existed at that point in time?

I think some were very good choices, others were pretty obvious blunders. The 35mm f/1.4 norm for fast lenses is pretty obvious for anyone who has looked across different size image formats, from 8x10 down to 35mm, and had been in place for a long time. With the exception of the odd gimmick, such as the Canon f/0.95, f/1.4 had been the standard fast normal for about 50 years, with the equivalence in other formats, despite that over those 50 years film emulsions had become much faster. So, the need for an equivalent to f/1.4 wasn't a hard one to pick. Similar with the lens register. The FT mount was closely based on the Canon EF mount, but they missed one of the things that made the EF so good, the short register which increased the flexibility afforded to lens designers. So, my theory would be simply just that they got a few things wrong, maybe as a result of not being close enough to the professional markets that they were chasing. So, for instance, when Nikon went with DX, they always knew that would move to FX at some point (they always said when it offered a better price/quality balance) so they didn't put anything in the system which stopped that move to a larger sensor size.

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