Sold Fuji X100, bought a Ricoh GR today

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Re: Sold Fuji X100, bought a Ricoh GR today

Harold66 wrote:

schaki wrote:

Somewhat interesting. I've never had or used the latest GR but have a GRDI and I'm about to buy a used black X100. The X100 might suit me better as I want a silent camera and that's not exactly one of the strengths of the Ricoh GR. Neither is focusing in low light in which I may use the X100 or the GR sometimes.

I am not so sure. On the GR, you have the option to turn off AF Beep. The camera shutter is pretty quiet

Even with the software-sounds disabled it is not as quite as the X100 and not the Coolpix A either.

I don't know yet how well the X100 focuses in low light. Probably both of them are slow, at least the GR for sure from what I've read.

Have you used the X100 with firmware 2.0 which speeded up the AF with about 20%, when you compare it to the GR?

Well truth be told, you have to use that firmware update regardless of the AF since it fixes some of the many bugs of the X100 interface. Regardless of the lens difference and the finder, you are comparing the APS compact with the WORST user interface on the market with the BEST user interface compact

I or almost everybody else which are into photography would update the firmware regardless of what camera it is. Let me guess, I think you have the latest firmware for the GR and the DP2M don't you?

I would not use the X100 if it was free but good luck with the camera

If I buy that X100 then I'll use it despite the cost if I find it to be ok for me. The worst quirks of it is now gone I think. I guess you have not used one with firmware 2.0 or the latest 2.01?

going to have on sensor PDAF as a good update and hopefully also better dust-sealing unless Ricoh for once skip their usual step of using each GRD lens for two different GR-cameras to go FF instead which might be smarter if it not mean too much extra bulk.

a 35mm sensor would NOT be a good idea. But it is not going to happen anywaY

Not least the better DR but also high iso is definitely good things which comes with a bigger FF sensor. Maybe not already in april 2015 when the GR II might be expected to be announced around, as Ricoh seems to insist on using every GR lens for two models.

Ricoh like to go with their two-year interval of upgrades for the GRD series. The question is if them can wait with FF until around april - may 2017 when the GR III with a new lens possibly could be expected as it looks today.

Of two cameras with same lens or zoom, it is usually the first model which is the best.

No, not necessarilY

Not always of course but often enough. If I was to buy a Sigma DP then I would probably go for one with 28mm as I prefer that focal length vs the 41mm unless I want the f2.8 aperture badly enough. The DP1M is noticeably deeper than the first three versions of the DP1.

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