So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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Re: 4:3 FF sensor

alexisgreat wrote:

honestly none of this really matters as much as the fact that we finally had a decently sized sensor in the 4:3 ratio....... now if someone would produce a larger sensor with this ratio, that would also be good..... why not a 4:3 FF sensor, 36x27mm?

The 4:3 ratio is a bit of a pain for anyone, save those who do a lot of compact camera work and want their image from the DSLR to conform to the same aspect ratio. Otherwise, it tends to be a bit wasteful. If you're working for digital media, mostly nowadays you'll want 16:9 output. For paper outside the US the ratio will be 1.414:1 (international A sizes). US letter size is close to 4:3, but that's about all.

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