Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

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Re: What is so innovative about removing the mirror? Smaller camera bag? Whoopee.

marike6 wrote:

Nikon and Canon have more innovations between them than probably all the other camera makers combined. If you are making the best rated cameras and lenses most coveted by pros then you are innovating.

Huge innovations in optics - IF, Close Range Corsophisticated predictive AF algorighthms, flash technology, PDAF on sensor as in the Nikon 1, the very first mirrorless that could do AF tracking worth anything at all, the first DSLR with video, the 5D the most successful FF video camera ever, etc, etc.

Nikon has a long list of innovations in Optical design:


The problem is what YOU think is innovative translates to "removing the mirror and adding an EVF".

So cameras get to be smaller, but you've already removed one of the best parts, the bright pentaprism VF in favor for a lousy EVF. It's no wonder that very few if any pro photographers shoot mirrorless cameras professionally as the EVF hasn't improved camera at all. Technology is supposed to improve what has come before it. In this area, the EVF is a big failure.

Professionals DO use mirrorless cameras. But mirrorless cameras won't replace somethin like the D4 or whatever, because they were never intended to. That doesn't make them bad cameras. If a sports car doesn't make a good freight truck you would be the guy to claim sports cars are pointless. Open your eyes dude.

So if the Df had a lousy EVF and a silly flipped LVD for LiveView shooting you would have been impressed? You might have been impressed, the majority of Nikon users would have passed on the Df as now the big, bright OVF is an EVF, a digital representation of reality that lags when you pan, that blacks out after each shot. For what? So the Df could be a bit smaller, not so taxing to carry for amateurs, people who seem to care more about convenience and the ability to have a slightly smaller, slightly lighter weight camera bag than they do about camera usability and performance?

OVFs black out with each shot too. And LiveView shooting is fine with OSPDAF.

Let me guess, the Olympus OM-D was not at all an attempt to make a fashionable retro camera modeled after an earlier model??? lol.

The difference is the Df supports around 60 years of Nikon lenses natively with no need for adapters, provides full Matrix Metering with older lenses, has physical exposure dials like a classic camera (not some fiddly touch LCD), and a big bright OVF.

The OMD is just a retro body with a faux prism but zero compatibility with the OM lenses.

Did Olympus promise backwards capability with OM lenses?

Where were you last week? The Nikon Df teaser generated over 2000 comments on DPR. The Df announcement generated over 2400 comment and a whopping 50% of ALL camera searches and user clicks on DPR were for the Nikon Df. Since I've been a DPR member I don't remember any other camera generating that kind of interest.

Were is the Sony A7 on the DPR Top Cameras?

The main reason that the Sony has some interest is because it's FF and Sony priced the body so aggressively at $1700. That's it. Of course each of the fake Zeiss lenses is over $1000.

Low price will always generate sales. How many people bought the Sony RX1 for $2800?

But Sony is selling the A7 body at a low-price and trying to make up for loses by pricing A7 lenses high.

But I do wish budget conscience amateurs luck finding any reasonably priced lenses for the new Sony. Sounds like there will be a lot of $10 Ebay adapters and Canon FD lenses sold in the coming months. I'll stick to my AF Nikkors but I am interested to see how creative people are going to get with adapters and $30 nifty fifties from Ebay.

Not sure how a $1700 body is "low priced". It's still way out of the price range of most photographers, and not the cheapest FF camera for sale. That distinction would go to the D600, which I'm sure is now a loss leader for Nikon as they try to cleanse their consumers' palettes of that hasty release.

The Df is far from perfect... it's appeal is very limited. Had they reconfigured it to be everything you are lambasting other companies for doing, it would actually be more appealing. Plenty of serious photographers don't mind EVFs, and with the F-mount there wouldn't be the FE mount's problem of overpriced/limited lenses. It's also very expensive- no reason they couldn't dumb it down to the D610's price. In the end more variety is good for everybody.

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