Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

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Graham Hill Senior Member • Posts: 1,355
Re: YOU are the uneducated, Pavi

alexisgreat wrote:

The fact is people go for what they know and old timer film users are still around thats why canon and nikon sell so many inferior products. Truly educated people know that 4:3 sensors are MUCH better for the digital age, and wouldn't buy a camera that doesn't have pixel mapping or direct live histograms. Oh and that mirror thing, is about to go the way of the appendix

Canon and Nikon do NOT innovate, like the Romans they merely copy. Mt Olympus does, after all, belong to the Greeks......

Canon copied their difractive optical lenses from who? Olympus? Fujifilm?

Nikon copied their aspherical grinding of lenses (not molded like the mirrorless crowd) from who?

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