So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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Much more interesting ...

alexisgreat wrote:

honestly none of this really matters as much as the fact that we finally had a decently sized sensor in the 4:3 ratio....... now if someone would produce a larger sensor with this ratio, that would also be good..... why not a 4:3 FF sensor, 36x27mm?

What Ga and Bob are pointing out is that the size of the sensor does not matter in noise or resolution of the final image if the lenses are kept to equivalence. Perhaps Olympus engineers, realising this, decided to create an entirely new standard to compete with all size sensors.

Bob's point is that if this is the case, Olympus got the sensor too small -- not because of IQ issues, but because it made common equivalent lenses impossible to manufacture ... meaning an f 1.4 35mm lens would have to be an f 0.7 4/3rds lens. If the sensor was a bit bigger, the equiv lenses could be f1.0 which is much easier to engineer.

Here is Bob's post on the matter.

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