s45 usb connection problems - help!

Started Mar 9, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Re: s45 usb connection problems - help!

Grahams45 wrote:

I had a similar problem with Win2000 and WinXP - USB worked fine on
WinXP but not on Win2000. In the end, I found out that it was a
setting on the camera - I had set Connection to P2P for WinXP and
Win2000 couldn't recognise that. When I set it back to Normal, it
was recognised fine on the USB port.

I'm not sure if it is a similar issue on a Mac but it's worth a try!

Enjoy your camera!

Thanks a lot for this forum!! I was wacking my brains out figuring out the problem with my S45. I'm on top on the mountain and can't download my pictures to the laptop. Good thing I had enough CF :). Now I'm back to civilization and really thanks to this answer! It was the communcation setting. I'm wondering how it changed.. grrr.. Thanks again!

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