So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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Re: So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

redshifted wrote:

Hey Gareth,

I can't believe you're still dealing with Oly after all these years .

Funny isn't it Most of my DSLR bodies have gone now, but I hung on to a bunch of the lenses in the hope that there would be something new to use them on.

On the other hand, I'm a bit shocked that you, after having hung on for grim death after all these years, have finally switched (totally?).... but when at last there is now a fairly decent sensor available to stick your zuikos on !?!

(I will send you a PM shortly)

It was aimed squarely at editorial/commercial film shooters that were still sitting on the fence of digital photography circa 2003-2004. The CCD sensor output was tweaked for those of us used to shooting Fujichrome, Kodachrome and Ektachrome.

That's interesting. RovingTim is always raving about the E1 colours. Having shot (and I still own one) of the FF Kodak pro cams, I really do get the impression that they tuned the bayer filter to give very vivid Kodachrome like colours - possibly to the detriment of absolute ISO performance, as I wouldn't be surprised if the filters are stronger and thus less total photons get through. (I used to be a believer that shooting RAW you could fix colour imbalances in post to make any camera look exactly the same as any other. I don't believe this any more. You can get close, but the Kodak blues for example, very hard to reproduce exactly using other cameras. The E1 might be the same)

The lenses and body were designed to replicate film shooters' cameras and focal lengths. AF didn't have to be great for folks skilled at manually focusing their lenses. The tiff output choice and Firewire cable is evidence of Oly's intent. Tiff was most useful to photogs delivering their files to art directors/editors and firewire helped move those big files to your/their Apple computer.

That makes sense.

Although the weathersealing and 300/2.8 screams extreme nature/wildlife photography shooting!

They got me .

Sure did.

Got me too, but for probably different reasons at the time!



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