So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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rovingtim Veteran Member • Posts: 8,644
I'm starting to see your point

Big Ga wrote:

Olympus had the goal of competing at the highest level in the pro market.

If Oly's original goal was to compete at the highest level, then Olympus' path of development after the E1 makes more sense. What this suggests is they failed in the execution. And as Bob says ...

... the sensor was too small (accounting decision?) for the lenses to achieve parity in regards to common professional standards.

Perhaps the emphasis on size as a USP was originating in marketing rather than the engineers. The same Olympus marketers were demonstrably misrepresenting the lenses, so I'm surprised this is a revelation to me.

If true, this may exemplify the damage false marketing can cause.

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