Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

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Re: Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

thothtp wrote:

So here is a loaded question... Who's Ecosystem do you see being the strongest 5 years from now?

Some seem to think that full frame mirrorless is going to be the eventual future of pro photography, but the question is who will end up in the best position. So far Sony is the only one with a full frame mirrorless (other then leica, but they aren't really in the same ballpark) but their FE Mount system is just being born and needs a lot of time to develop. Nikon and Canon both have their main full frame mount systems fully developed, but neither company has mirrorless camera systems that can support full frame yet. Who do you think will end up in the end with the best developed system, if Nikon and Canon (inevitably?) released full frame mirrorless models. Do you think Nikon and Canon will stick to their current FF mounts, even with new mirrorless bodies, at the expense of lens size?

On the other hand, SLR may still be the main structure for pro cameras 5 years from now, in which case the Canon or Nikon systems will remain the most developed. In that case, do we see Nikon or Canon in a better position 5 years from now? Or even Sony SLTs with their advantages? Much has been said of the financial challenges of all 3.

Or another curveball, will full frame go extinct because of better sensors and glass catching up in quality, and will micro four thirds or APS-C cameras take over for pros?

Reason I ask is I am about to jump in to a full frame system, and have nothing tying me to any one of the brands (selling my current APS-C system off.) If you were starting over full frame right now, with en eye towards investing for the future, which system would you go with? This is over all types of photography, as I do portrait, landscape, wildlife, sports, and video.

Natural movement of technology is that things become smaller and powerful and we all like the convenience of smaller powerful devices. If anything history tell us about cameras that this has been always true. Little bit if history search tell us that once upon time photography community debate about medium vs 35mm (what we call full-frame today) film formats. Short of a long story is that everyone knew medium format's offering of IQ is much better to those of FF but with the cost effectiveness (which in turn led to better development of technology), size and weight took over the IQ advantage of medium format. Time has passed away and things have been forgotten and we all consider FF as the ultimate sensor size. In many way present day M43 vs FF resembles similar debate and I think its just about time. M43 brings same advantages which made FF the popular format against the medium format back in the day.

I know this does not answer your question of which FF system will be more popular but I guess it is inevitable that people choosing smaller more powerful devices. And for me I don't think in the FF arena whether it is DSLR or mirrorless would make any difference to the type of people who choose to use it. When you add those FF lens regardless of whether its mirrorless or not adds the bulk and the weight. Then it becomes a matter of taste of what system offers features more appealing to you. So in short, in 5 years time FF will be a niche market dedicated for Pro photographers who does not care about the weight and size. In FF arena Canon and Nikon would most probably continue with DSLRs and Sony and Fujifilm would continue with Mirrorless. End of the day mirrorless just mean there is no mirror in the camera, that's it.

Your question is more applicable for APS-C vs M43 battle as in 5 years time I wonder if coexistence of both of those formats are relevant. It has to be neither APS or M43. Let's leave that debate for another time...

Bottom line,if you wish to go down the FF path then just pick the system that appeals you most "now". In 5 years time you would want to go with a new system or maybe want to swap manufacturers anyway.

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