So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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Re: So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

around 2001/2002, when the E-system was designed a typical consumer DSLR cost around 3000-4000 US$.

There have been no lenses available designed for that sensor format (APS-C)

So Olympus thought if they could save 1000US$ on the sensor by choosing a smaller size and introduce a 2000-2500US$ camera with some pro specs (excl. AF and fps) and good lenses especially made for that camera they would have a signficant advantage.

That idea could have worked in early 2003 when a Canon 10D was still 2000US$ and you had to buy that 17-40/4L lens as your standard kit. Nikon only had the D100 for 2500US$ and afair a standard zoom was still lacking

An E-1 + 14-54 would have been competitive to those cameras.

But the end of 2003 brought the Canon Rebel 300D with a 18-55 zoom made for the APS-C sensor for 1000US$ together.

Sure, this was another market segment, but it clearly showed that there was no sensor cost advantage for the smaller 4/3" sensor any more and that other manufacturers would also be able to make lenses for their APS-C sensor

The Nikon D70 (+18-70 lens) and the Canon 20D with its at that time excellent 8MP sensor put and end to the claim of superior picture quality in the 4/3" sensor world.

Until the GH3 / OM-D EM-5 the 4/3" sensor lacked clearly behind their APS-C counterparts and most people see sensor performance as more important than lens performance.

Now in m4/3 world the 4/3" sensor is good enough and the lenses are not as good as they had been in 4/3 world and they seem to be much more successful.

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