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I don't need a blogger

to tell me that  corporations and the media and ad firms created the demand for an alternative to film 14 years ago. That they have  been upping the ante ever since, selling one  more improved camera after the next.  That diminished returns on expectations  have started to sink into the public consciousness and that  unlike digital  55 inch TVs versus  27 inch  analogue tube TVs - where the difference and superiority  was obvious and immediate-  14 years later,   a 40 inch print generated  from a sensor simply is not better than what was commonly available  in the year 2000 using existing film equipment.

The drive to eradicate film use failed   and subsequent comparisons  never went away.  Major photographers and magazines and clients continued right along presenting  work- at the highest quality levels and at the highest daily rates -  that originated on film. Old technology. Obsolete. Dinosaurs.  It is hard to convince the public they cannot survive without a product  when even a small group of  the right people get along just fine.

With  many professional artists who virtually overnight  were abandoned by camera manufacturers, and who are  by necessity   still using equipment over a decade old  and with the masses finding all they ever wanted or needed in their cell phones, is it any wonder  camera sales are declining?

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