Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

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Re: Why do you want FF ? Do you think you then make better photos ? [nt]

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

Why do you want FF ? Do you think you then make better photos ? [nt]

While photographers are what make better photos, with their creativity and skills, having the advantage of a full frame sensor camera for better detail and low noise in extreme low light (and even in moderate light as well) over a smaller sensor format is certainly an advantage to anyone wanting to use one, pros or enthusiasts. However, good photos can be taken with any camera format, just that FF has certain advantages and those who have used them would know.

Although FF is coming to small body compact mirrorless more so in this last year, there still remains issues of speed and AF accuracy in dim lighting and fast moving subjects, which still is not the best in compact mirrorless FF bodies, as can be had with Nikon's (or Canon's) top FF non-mirrorless cameras (Sony A99, larger body with its unique system, as exception, is also fast in FF sensor body).

Professionals (making a living with photos) want the best IQ in all lighting situations, especially event photographers, and many I would imagine, would prefer advanced or fast and accurate AF systems in all types of lighting. So the Nikon D800, D4, Canon 5D Mark 3, (and some other older Nikon and Canon FF over the last few years such as D700, D3, Canon 5D II and other Canon FF) offer advantages over smaller systems like Nikon DF and Sony A7/A7R, when speed of a fast moving subject needs to be captured in low light. (in APSC, the top models Nikon D7100 and Canon 7D are fast and accurate as well in low light).

The Nikon DF has the great D4 sensor, but how fast and accurate can it take photos in very low/dim light for fast moving events like wedding hall dance coverage, or sports coverage for example (compared to the larger body FF advanced AF system cameras of Canon and Nikon)?

Canon and Nikon will likely still dominate FF in 5 years, (with 3rd being Sony with FF. Sony is growing market share each year with new product ideas and with new lenses to come out, this should continue to grow).

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