What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

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Re: The 24mp Nikon D400! Which is actually called the Pentax K-3

jfriend00 wrote:

Dave Sanders wrote:

The camera you want or that is closest in specification is probably the Pentax K-3. Bummer, I know. Beauty of a cam, 25 cross sensors, 8.3 fps, bummer it's not F-mount.

Actually what I really want here for the low light is the missing true upgrade to the D700, a D750 (FX, 24MP, 8fps, D800-style body and AF).

While I'm not an action shooter, I am a long exposure junkie. I've used that 24mp sensor for that purpose in both a D600 and a Sony RX1 and I can tell you that it is an absolute GEM! The noise - even in the deep shadows - is so low even up to 10 minutes that I don't even need long exposure noise reduction. The D800 is a white-spotted mess without LENR on! So, I support your wanting of such a camera as I think everybody should get to play with that sensor.

I am hoping that the K-3 is the first of several competitive cameras that spurs Nikon to get back to making semi-affordable cameras optimized for action (in both DX and FX). They kicked butt with the D300 and D700 and then dropped the ball for action shooters who aren't going to spend for a D4.

Competition is certainly a good thing and I'm in the 'the more choice, the better' camp when it comes to cameras.

Good luck in your quest!

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