Can you tell the difference?

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Re: Can you tell the difference?

Joining late, but...

I have always used cheap P&S cameras for many years because I didn't think it made any difference. Why pay more than $200 for the same picture. Heck, didn't even care to know what f stop was. They were all pictures.

Having used many cheap cameras, I can tell instantly that "A" was horrible. "B" and "C" were much better. "C" was the best. Here is the problem. Look at the forehead, area right under the eyes and tip of nose. These are bright areas where cheap cameras will blow out. In picture "A", there are barely any details in those bright area. Straps were almost blown out as well. Look at the area left of the neck. That is pitch black. Again, a cheap camera without much dynamic range. So you have the high light almost blown out and dark area pitch black. Both are signs of a cheap camera. I have plenty of those before finally forking out little more for a Nikon D7000. The cheaper the camera, the worse the dynamic range. My Galaxy S4 phone has the same problem.

With P&S cameras, you learn to compensate. If I were the photographer, I would move the light further away from the model so you don't create bright spots like that. Then it would be harder to tell a good camera from a bad one.

To be honest, the current P&S are much better than they were 5 years ago. However, you can still see the signature of a poor dynamic range sensor. That is the reason I hate to use the camera on the smart phone unless I have to. Usually is only for documentation purpose when selling on ebay.

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