So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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It seems, judging by everyones posts here, was targeting professionals. Probably with the goal of creating a leader effect with flagship bodies being used and promoted by professionals. This plan seemed to cascade down into consumer bodies.

There is a chance that sensor development and cost, along with improvements in processing and EVFs led to the conception of m43rds. Combined with Pentax and Sony continuing to compete in the DSLR market and it appears Olympus changed direction recognizing what EVFs could mean for their camera market.

This time however they quickly produced smaller lighter and cheaper bodies, building from the bargain basement up (EP1 led to a cheap EPL1 which contonued to be banged out for years), building a grass roots userbase and then growing their line into more professional products.

These are two well understood marketing strategies, and had Sony not chosen to resurect Minolta, and Pentax continue to compete we may have seen more action on the DSLR front. As it seemed to pan out, the advantages of removing the mirror and competing in this new segment was a "better" approach.

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