Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

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Re: more thins CHANGE, more they stay the SAME. 1. Canon 2. Nikon 3. Sony

007peter wrote:

I also expect the continue erosion by Smartphone in 5 years:

Perhaps in your speculation of the future you should make some allowance for the fact that millions of people who would never have purchased a stand alone camera are now getting one in their cell phone. This putting a camera in the hands of everyone could lead to more people pursuing photography as a hobby. This could just as easily lead to an increased demand for better quality equipment than a cell phone.

Entry-Level-M43 and APS-C DSLR will be in danger dying as well:

I think demand for APS-C will increase over time as more people are introduced to photography through the use of their cell phones.

As smartphone cpu grows faster, with more cores, more processing power, more memory, etc... People no longer feel the need to spend over $500 on any camera to take photo/video of their daughter/sons playing sports.

Smartphone quality will always be limited by sensor size and the lenses that can be built-in while still allowing for a size that fits a shirt pocket. As above, the more people introduced to photography, the more who will find themselves attracted to the hobby.

Today, I've seen many parents shoot 1080p action video instead of buying a bulky DSLR with continuous AF. I predict this trend to continue, fast video is overtaking the need for DSLR in causal sports shoot for most family.

I agree, there does seem to be an endless supply who will settle for crap quality as opposed to putting a little effort into getting high quality.

When that happen, the last advantage of DSLR is eliminated.

Physics will never allow the advantages of DSLR to be eliminated.

Mirrorless couldn't killed DSLR, but SmartPhone will kill everyone else. I predict a future of only (1) smartphones and (2) FF camera. Everything else get squeeze out by the market.

I predict you could not be more wrong if you hired a staff and spent hundreds of hours trying to be more wrong.

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