"I am selling my Nikon gear"

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Re: "I am selling my Nikon gear"

Steve Bingham wrote:

It would be interesting to put the Fuji 14mm up against the Nikon 14-24 . . . or even the Fuji 10-24 when it gets here. I was never that impressed with my 14-24. At 24 it really wasn't that exceptional, either. What really bugged me was FLARE. If the sun was anywhere within a 180 degree range, flare was there! Then finding a fixed focal lens to replace it became a real search!!! Then there was the filter thing! And the size! And how clumsy it was to use - and how vulnerable the front element was. Great for interior shots - sometimes.

We shall see. Maybe I will grow to hate the Fuji X-Pro but I doubt it.

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Chris G Hughes wrote:

Pretty simple: different photographers, different approaches. I have a full Nikon system. I've never sold a single lens, speed light or body. I hand my older bodies down to friends and family. I keep my glass. I'd never abandon a built up system unless I was literally starving to death.

But that's me. I'm not everyone.

I don't miss my D700 or D800 that much, nor the 50 or 85.....but the 14-24 was sad to part with. Who knows....may buy it back if a D4x comes out!

Hi Steve,

I have done it. The 14mm Fuji is amazing! (the 23 and 35 are even better, IMO)

I put both cameras on sturdy tripods, mirror lockup on the Nikon, set the 14-24 at 21mm. Shot a cityscape with trees, grass and buildings.

I printed both images at A3 and A2.

Color was different (both set to daylight WB) but that was expected.

The A3 prints were indistinguishable for detail. Even with a loupe.

At A2 from a viewing distance of 6 feet (I got people to come and look at them) they looked identical (for detail)

From 3 feet, a couple of people picked the Nikon for better detail.

With a loupe, it was pretty obvious.

But I don't think the 36mp resolution is a major advantage of the D800e (though it is nice to have much more flexibility in cropping).

For a shot like this, the Fuji 14mm excels.

All the negatives you mentioned about the 14-24 are absolutely true. But it is an amazing lens. It is a 2.8 zoom that matches or betters most primes in that range.

I too am quite excited about the 10-24. If it can come close to matching the image quality of the 14-24, that lens will be sold.

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