Sold Fuji X100, bought a Ricoh GR today

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Re: Sold Fuji X100, bought a Ricoh GR today

Somewhat interesting. I've never had or used the latest GR but have a GRDI and I'm about to buy a used black X100. The X100 might suit me better as I want a silent camera and that's not exactly one of the strengths of the Ricoh GR. Neither is focusing in low light in which I may use the X100 or the GR sometimes.

I don't know yet how well the X100 focuses in low light. Probably both of them are slow, at least the GR for sure from what I've read.

Have you used the X100 with firmware 2.0 which speeded up the AF with about 20%, when you compare it to the GR?

On sensor PDAF was not ready in time for the X100 but definitely for the GR. So it was a blow to find out that the GR not had that feature. Especially as Ricoh finally re-added that feature with he GRD IV after that the two previous GRDs not had it. The first GRDI as well as many other Ricoh compacts had fast PDAF.

But I may also decide to buy a GR mostly to test it even though I know that it is very likely that the GRII is going to have on sensor PDAF as a good update and hopefully also better dust-sealing unless Ricoh for once skip their usual step of using each GRD lens for two different GR-cameras to go FF instead which might be smarter if it not mean too much extra bulk.

They did the same for the the GX-models, CX and all off the small super-zoom R series compacts as well except for the R5. But so do most other manufacturers as well.

Of two cameras with same lens or zoom, it is usually the first model which is the best. Reardless of what manufacturer they almost always manage to fix something but ruins something else that was good. For the GRDI to the II it was the PDAF which went missing and also the somewhat grainy noise and we never got anything like real NR Off for ooc jpegs again in the following three GRDs or the GX100 or GX200.

Fujifilm took an other route witht he X100 to X100S from what I've read. The AF in X100S is faster thx to the PDAF but X-Trans seems to have introduced filthy smudged jpegs and I'll probably never buy a X100S as a part of that.

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