Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

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Re: Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

nuke12 wrote:

I don't think Canon or Nikon are scared of the mirrorless market.

Of course.  Why would Canon and Nikon fear a market class that can't produce a penny of profit for the parent company?  No one is making any money on mirrorless.

They will produce a mirrorless FF camera when they feel they can provide a camera that is as good as their current DSLRs plus plus include the nice extra features of mirrorless. It's not like either can't make a mirrorless camera. They have been making them for years but with small sensors.

As for lenses, I think both would be foolish to drop their current mounts for a mirrorless body. What would be the point? The lenses would be slightly shorter but the over all weight would be pretty close to the same. Why p*ss off your current users and destroy the two best camera lens selections in the world?

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