Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

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Re: 5 years is a VERY long time for Digital cameras.

Pontoneer wrote:

Andreas Stuebs wrote:

Yes but not for businesses:

What makes Nikon and Canon such popular cameras with the pros is not just the cameras and the choice of lenses both from the original supplier and from 3rd parties but also all the other support they give and the infrastructure which is available supporting these brands

Rentals, repair, emergency replacements ...

Popularity , sales volume and number of service outlets is no indicator of quality .

By that token you might be comparing Ford with Mercedes . Ford probably sell rather more cars , trucks or vans than Mercedes and have more dealerships , besides any backstreet garage can service a Ford ; compared to a smaller dealer network , fewer trained technicians with Star Diagnostics able to cope with newer vehicles etc - that is not to say that one make is 'better' than the other .

While Canikon's higher end offerings are very good , their entry level stuff is pretty poor in terms of build quality ( and probably longevity ) .

I see Canikon as the Fords and Vauxhalls of the camera world , with the smaller , more specialised makers such as Pentax and Hasselblad as the Mercedes or Porsche with better engineered products at each price point and ranges which go somewhat higher than the mainstream makes .

As for who will still be in business in five years time - it is anybody's guess . Not even the biggest , most well known names are 100% safe - for an example within the camera world - just think Kodak .

In your auto analogy above, mirrorless companies are the Edsels, DeLoreans, Studebakers, and other car companies that fail to make any money.

No one will take mirrorless seriously, certainly not thinking 5 years in the future, until they start turning a profit.

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