Sony G 18-105 as a all around lens for Nex 6!

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Re: Sony G 18-105 as a all around lens for Nex 6!

rsurya23 wrote:

Please redirect me if this has been discussed already

Have a sony nex 6 and Sigma 19mm and SEL 35mm F1.8. Changing lenses constantly when im out shooting events and landscapes so im looking at the 18-105 G lens. I know the lens is not out yet but thought i will ask some experts here about what you think about this glass. I am not looking to upgrade to A7 or A7r soon nor planning to buy Zeiss lenses as im a enthusiasts.

I have a canon eos m which i like a lot so im making final decisions to either buy this Sony lens or completely sell all Nex gear and move to Canon and get the Sigma 17-50 f2.8 or 17-70.

Have a great day!

Looking at the published MTF plots the lens very much reminds the SEL 18-200. The size/weight are not dissimilar either. It well may be a reworked version of 18-200 with shorter range and faster aperture and probably similar image quality. If that's the case it will be a lot more useful in my view than slow 18-200.

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