So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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Re: Superior?

Sergey_Green wrote:

GBC wrote:

Photographers who were interested in using lenses that were superior to Nikon and Canon.

But superior in what way? Smaller format made those lenses equal to only stopped down lenses on the other systems, which essentially were very much the same in size and performance. This is the whole point of the discussion. Aside from long like 90-250 telephotos the overall system was as big as the larger formats that could do more. And with this it became rather unclear who in fact this system was made for.

I definitely agree with you Sergey regarding all but the  2 big lenses 90-250/2.8 and 300/2.8 which were aimed at Sports and Wildlife work where the DoF-control penalty of the smaller sensor has little or no impact as shutter speed  is the priority. 
IMO it was a real pity that Olympus could not source a better sensor for the E-5


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