Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

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Re: Who's FF system will be in the best shape 5 years from now?

When I bought my first digital ten years ago, the debate was whether digital spelled the end of film and most consumer cameras were fixed lens mirror-less designs. The first consumer DSLRs were emerging.  Five years was a long time in digital photography.

The rate of improvement in digital photography has slowed in recent years.  I can't envisage the next five years having anything like the development of the last five years.  Maybe it's my myopia, but I expect the FF camera world to look fairly similar in five years time.  Most likely it will occupy a greater portion of the market than it does now because the sensors are getting cheaper.

I'd expect Canon and Nikon to still dominate in FF DSLRs.  I'd expect Sony to be third and possibly first in FF mirror-less.  I'd expect Pentax to offer a FF DSLR from 2014.  If so, it would be very competent, but the lens system will be a smaller one than the other players.  I don't know if Leica will survive as a camera maker in the face of more compact and less expensive FF competition, but I've no doubt they'll be there as a lens maker.  I predict that both the DSLR and mirror-less genres will be successful - they both have their uses and target markets.

Is it an investment?  No.  It's an expense outlaid to produce an income.  Or an expense outlaid to enjoy as a hobby/pastime/passion.  With very few exceptions, it will be worth less than you paid for it when you part with it.  If it still works and you can still get batteries for it.

Cheers, Rod

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