E-M1 - 50-200 SWD - I need help

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Re: E-M1 - 50-200 SWD - I need help

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

When shooting birds though I'll be reluctant to take off the teleconverter because I want them to fill the frame.

Your shutter speeds are ridiculously low!  Take off the polarizer, set camera to auto iso with highest iso limit, use shutter priority with speeds of minimum 1/1000, preferably more like 1/1600 to 1/2000.

Do that until you are able to get sharp shots reliably, then you can start taking speed down to wherever your own limitations are - but don't be surprised if your limit is around 1/1000 - on a good day.

Also, take off t/c for now - it really slows the focus speed down of 50-200 SWD. (My Em5 plus 75-300 is much faster than my E30 plus 50-200 SWD plus t/c).  Again, you can go back to it once you have mastered the shooting technique.  You can crop photos better than you can make an unsharp photo interesting!

Don't get discouraged - despite what it seems on these forums, it takes a lot of HUMAN skill to get action shots, even with these new fangled miracle cameras.  Use Don's settings, but also play around with all the variations to see what works best for YOU.  There is no substitute for practice, practice, practice.

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