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Re: With all due respect...

bigpigbig wrote:

BUT, "good enough" FOR ME, is not ALWAYS good enough. I want the option of having THE BEST.

bigpignbig this post is not aimed soley or specifically at you and I suspect from the description of your job you know better.

It's interesting that a lot of FF shooters equate FF with the best.

But FF is not the be all and end all MF digital is pretty darn nice. I'd so so far as to say better than most FF sensors.

FF cameras may have better ISO perfornance and some DSLRs will have better AF than MF.

But pure IQ, blow up and print the size of a bill board? Maybe not.

Shallow depth of field definitely not.

When people say FF is the best, they really mean FF is the best camera for shooting FF sized images using FF size lens and emulating 35mm film format/geometry/DOF.

Or perhaps they might in same cases mean shooting fast moving targets. But they are the only things FF excels at in reality.

Because for high IQ there  nearly always have been better choices.

As an M43 user I'm often accused of (in the nicest possible way) sensor envy. M43/s two times crop factor means a ƒ2.8 behaves like a /5,6 or worse DOF wise.

But again the FF shooters all forget that if it is shallow DOF (and it seems many do) then there may be better choices.

Same for serious flash work, where  an MF lens with leaf shutter's can give you crazy sync speeds. I believe up to something  like 1/2000

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