A beautiful mua from my shoot

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Re: Thank you for the comments

Yaamon wrote:

I crop was deliberate, and at times I prefer a tighter crop so you are drawn into the person more. There is nothing wrong to slightly crop one's head I have done this in many of my photos.

I did not want to tell her sit or stand here, the mua had a great beautiful smile as she looked towards me and this is what you can a candid photo. Every photo does not have to be technically 100% perfect, guys go out and enjoy what you see this is what makes photography fun.

Yes there is lots of space around the makeup artist but like I said it was a quick casual photo where she was holding the reflector for the model. I did not want to get her in a certain location and pose her for the photo. I did not care about the surrounds as the condo walls is mostly white and saw that this would be a good soft look.

I was holding off on commenting on your swimwear shots, but reading your responses here, I will add to the choir and state that your cropping/compositions are not as pleasing as they could be. It's not about technical perfection - it's about aesthetically pleasing shots with balance and symmetry. For me, cutting off crowns of heads when you're making an otherwise wide angle shot lacks symmetry - no matter how many times you've done it. And for this particular image, the foreground/background clutter adds nothing of interest. (I agree your subject is attractive in many ways, none of which you've really highlighted here for us.)

Yes composition is a matter or taste and preference but your somewhat defensive responses indicate maybe you don't believe in your own aesthetic as much as you think you do? If you feel that strongly, don't explain or defend your choices. Thank people for their input and move on.

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