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Re: Horses for courses ...

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bigpigbig wrote:

I think you and I have similar thoughts on this. I too hope that one day the Fuji X system can replace my heavy DSLR.

As far as image quality goes, it is there already.


Two things I am not sure CAN / WILL ever happen (I REALLY hope I am wrong)

1) Mirrorless AF can not match the speed a dedicated AF sensor separate from the imaging sensor. Seems like a physical limitation.

Not at all. How its implemented is mainly an issue of lens mechanics and processing speed. With PDAF on the sensor, it's likely to match or exceed SLRs in both accuracy and speed.

I mis-wrote. I meant to say tracking during AF-C shooting will never be as fast.

The way I understand it, the DSLR has two sensors, one for image capture and one for focusing. The mirroless camera can not focus while capturing an image, the DSLR can not focus while the mirror is up. But, the mirror returns faster than the mirrorless camera can switch from capture for focus.

I could be wrong. I hope I am.

I'm not an electronic engineer or an optics guy, but I've done a little Comp Sci. the way I see it you should be able to build a chip that allows different pixels I(e.g. those sued for AF) to b read at different times or even y a different sub system as the rest of the pixels. I.e. one set of lines where you can read af data and another set o image data. Assuming that is possible - and I believe it should be =   then with an electronic shutter the mirrorless should be a to shoot as fast and be more accurate ,no possible collimation  error and more durable no fragile align ment adjustments required in maintenance.

I'm also wondering if it would be possible to transport the photons for focussing to the sensor via fibre optics. That way you could use

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