So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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Re: USP was size

CharlesB58 wrote:

Do you realize how little the DoF issue matters to most pros, with the exeption portrait and wedding photographers? It has very little to do with the buying decision. Why pros went with Canon and Nikon over Olympus is two very, simple reasons:

System versatility and support.

Existing investment in the system.



Sensor Tech.

...the same reason the OM cameras never matched sales of Canon and Nikon among pros.

This arguments suggests whoever is first to market wins. Well, Oly was the #3 manufacturer in the world (during the E1 reign). So there is no way Sony or anyone could take the #3 position away away from Olympus because people had:

System versatility and support.

Existing investment in the system.


Pro: I need to lease a T&S lens for some architectural work I have coming up.

Canon Pro Support: Sure

Nikon Pro Support : Coming right up.

Olympus Pro Support: How about a ...

... adapter so you can use your Nikon or Canon lens instead? The building isn't going anywhere.

Pro: My 600mm was damaged, I need it repaired, or a loaner, before the big game tomorrow. Can you help?

Canon: Sure.

Nikon: Coming right up.

[this doesn't always happen this way ... hang out on their forums]

Olympus: Oh wait, there is no pro support branch in this city...

Oly was trying hard at one point.

If Nikon said their turnaround time for a repair was 48 hours, Canon promised 24 hours-and delivered.

Oly set up a 'pro service' thing with the E1 that also promised such miracles.

Olympus had a great idea in the camera, but other aspects fell short.

I would suggest they had a great idea for a system, but it all went tits up after the E1.

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