So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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Re: USP was size

Do you realize how little the DoF issue matters to most pros, with the exeption portrait and wedding photographers? It has very little to do with the buying decision. Why pros went with Canon and Nikon over Olympus is two very,  simple reasons:

System versatility and support.

Existing investment in the system.

...the same reason the OM cameras never matched sales of Canon and Nikon among pros.

Freelancers especially need to make sure they have those "1 in 100" situations covered.

Pro: I need to lease a T&S lens for some architectural work I have coming up.

Canon Pro Support: Sure

Nikon Pro Support : Coming right up.

Olympus Pro Support: How about an F2 14-35 zoom instead?

Pro: My 600mm was damaged, I need it repaired, or a loaner, before the big game tomorrow. Can you help?

Canon: Sure.

Nikon: Coming right up.

Olympus: Oh wait, there is no pro support branch in this city...

The necessity of good support for pros is such that it was how Canon knocked Nikon off their long-held perch as "The Choice of Professionals". Canon's flagship still didn't really match Nikons at the time the "new" F-1 was matched against the F3. What Canon started doing was offering more favorable terms for purchasing gear in quantity to agencies and periodicals, along with better pro support. If Nikon said their turnaround time for a repair was 48 hours, Canon promised 24 hours-and delivered.

At the same time they poured a lot of money into fleshing out their lens line, and continued besting Nikon in introducing new technology. The money came from sales of the AE-1 and other A series cameras, which actually was a big gamble for Canon (introducing cheaply made, electronic cameras into the rather conservative world of 35mm SLRs). More funds were available, if needed from their aggressive business branch pushing their copiers and later, their printers. Video was the icing on the cake. All of these things contributed to Canon having the financial resources and reputation to lure a lot of buyers.

Olympus had a great idea in the camera, but other aspects fell short.

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