Newbie Reality Check on Purchasing a Canon 70D

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Re: Newbie Reality Check on Purchasing a Canon 70D

Indiana25 wrote:

Hi there,

I have been lurking on these forums for a long time reading and learning. I decided it might be time to break my silence and ask for advice before purchasing an upgrade.

For a number of years now I have been using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX60. On a recent international trip the lens mechanism seized. I was totally bummed by this as it has been such a good pocket camera. Fortunately I had my iPhone 5 as backup, so it was not a total loss in terms of complete missed photo opportunities. When I got home I took my Panasonic apart, cleaned it and much to my surprise it started working again.

My Panasonic failing on such an important trip did rock my confidence and it played into a growing frustration that I have with this camera. I wished I had a bit more control over the white balance and I think I have milked everything I can out of this camera in terms of shooting in low light without a flash, but would like to go even further. Increasingly for pocket photography I am using my iPhone 5 (if the conditions are right), so I'd like something in general to go to the next level particularly for larger prints.

So I have been thinking about going to a DSLR. I will never be a pro or receive an award. I shoot for my own pleasure and memories. My main interests in photography are:

* Family events in low light

* General walk about trip photos for memories

* Scenery, large objects and landscape

After reading a number of reviews, I am thinking of purchasing the 70D with the 13-135mm STM kit lens and a 50mm f/1.8.

Here's my rationale:

  • This camera gives me a huge increase in IQ, abilities to shoot in low light and make adjustments. I can't imagine for many years, if ever, outgrowing its capabilities.
  • My daughter is already into the Canon system, so we can swap lenses and experiences.
  • I need to retire my old faithful Sony digital tape camcorder. I'm not big on video, but I do need to take some from time to time and the fact that the 70D can fill this need is a huge bonus.
  • I think these two lenses might give me plenty to learn before I buy any further lenses. The telezoom should be a good all rounder, including video. The 50mm will give me low light shots with the family.

In addition to the above, the reality check I need is on the following considerations:

  1. I considered 18-55mm and 55-250mm as starting lenses, but think perhaps the combo that I am pursuing might fit my shooting requirements better as a low light and general walk about lens set.
  2. I considered full frame, but a crop camera seems sufficient for my needs as full frame camera and lenses are just too pricey for my budget. The only concern I have is crop cameras going the way of the Dodo and my investment in crop camera lenses not being as useful in terms of a life investment.
  3. I considered one of the cheaper models such as the T5i and or the predecessor 60D, but the video capabilities swung me to a 70D. I thought about waiting for a 7D Mark II, but that is rumour right now.

Ok, as a newbie I have totally exposed my ignorance to the masses. I don't expect you to go easy on me, providing the advice and critique is constructive. Thanks for your time and input on my upgrade!

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the full frame 6D would be better ($1,200 refurbished) in situations like low light family events, the 70D probably better for video.   But the older 60D is still good and only around $525 which leaves room in the budget for better lens.  If your daughter has Canon lens check those out and see what you could add e.g. large aperture prime, longer telephoto for sports, etc.

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